Radiator Express – Issue 1

Welcome to the very first copy of what I hope will be a monthly Harrow Car Club newsletter, the Radiator Express.

You will hopefully recall that a few months ago I asked for photos and information about what you had all been up to? Well, although you have not seen anything emerge from us to reward those of you who made the effort to send bits in as yet, now I hope this will be the start of a new era. The snippets you sent will be used my me in this newsletter and also by Matthew in the Radiator.

The success of the newsletter will depend on you, the club members!! We need your memories, your old and new photos. It would be nice if they were Harrow related but not essential. Motoring and motorsport related information and ideas are what we need. If you send me a series of notes (hand written will do), I will put them together into an article credited to you.

As I said above I intend the Radiator Express to be monthly or every two months. I will see how it goes, unfortunately I still have a day job and the organisation of the Universal Tyres TT Sprint which will be run on the 20th September at North Weald. It will depend on what you send to me!!

So thank you again those who have contributed so far, and of course all of you who will be contributing from now on!

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